Welcome to the Film and Movie Page of (LOUISIANA) MARTY BENOIT

- An Interest in Film -

Marty was first introduced to the film world in 2016 after seeing an article in a local paper announcing auditions for the short movie, "Liberty Waning", a parody on gun control.  Produced by Conestoga Films, Marty played several characters in the film: a police officer, the courtroom bailiff, and a politician.


- Following It Up -

Some time after the release of "Liberty Waning", Chris Veade of Conestoga Films, told Marty about his next idea, a movie based on a monster story told to Chris as a kid. Thus "The ELP; A Creature of Legend" was born.

Marty lobbied for and got the part of Old Dave.  For over a month, he studied and prepared for his near 2-minute monologue, even growing a beard to complete the look of his character.  Marty's onscreen time was completed with the first take.  He also performed various set and prop duties, as well as designing the official movie poster for the production. Some scenes for the film were shot on location at his bed & breakfast, the Blue Moon Bungalow in Bunkie, LA.

In Spring of 2022, "The ELP; A Creature of Legend"  was introduced with a red carpet premiere, has since gone on to win a couple of film festival awards and can now be enjoyed on various streaming channels or on DVD.

- More Opportunities -

Later in 2022, Conestoga Films began work on its latest feature film, "Castigation", an anthology of thrilling stories about good vs. evil that family members tell each other one dark night.  In the film, Marty plays Brad Bradley a father who will do whatever it takes to protect his daughter.   He designed the official poster for this movie, as well. Many scenes of the film were shot on location in Marty's home, Winsum Centennial Cottage.

"Castigation" red-carpet premiered and had its theatrical run in May 2023 . It is now available on DVD and will be coming soon to streaming channels. Look for it!

- What's Next -

Along with his involvement in ongoing productions from Conestoga Films, Marty has a cameo in Saint Euphoria Pictures latest retro sci-fi release, "Annihilate All Humans", (2023), and will star as 'The Narrator' in the next feature film, "Three Bad Girls Who Find A Gun and Become Vampires", (in pre-production).

Marty was a background extra in the picnic scene of Fall River Productions' upcoming movie,  "Sod And Stubble".  He also spent several days with the construction crew working on the full-sized replica of the pioneer home used for the film shoot.

Other film and movie projects will be updated when completed. Learn all about Marty's filmography at his IMDb page.